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The International Society for Regenerative Biology

Promoting the Science of Tissue Regeneration

ISRB Conference Grant Application Process


The ISRB aims to support scientific conferences to facilitate broader participation in regenerative biology research.

Grant Details

Up to £2,000/$2,500/€2,500 will be awarded to specifically sponsor an ISRB speaker or session. For this speaker or session, a slide with the ISRB logo and QR code should be displayed before/between speakers, and the ISRB sponsorship of the speaker/session should be noted in the program. The selected speakers are not required to be ISRB members, although their work should involve some facet of regenerative biology.


• The applicant must be an ISRB member in good standing and an organizer of the conference. ISRB membership is not mandatory for the other co-organizers.

• Regenerative Biology must fit within the scientific scope of the conference.

• The conference dates must fall within one year of the grant application deadline.

• The goals of the conference must align with the ISRB mission.

Application Deadlines

There are two application cycles per calendar year with deadlines of June 15th and December 15th, submitted by the end of the day. Applications should be emailed as a single PDF document to with the subject header: “FullName_conference_grant_application”


Provide the following information in a single PDF document. Please limit items 1-9 to one page:

1) Conference title, dates, and location

2) Names and affiliations of all conference organisers, beginning with the grant applicant

3) Is this a new conference? If NO, for how many years has it been held?

4) Who are the anticipated registrants for this conference? How many registrants are expected?

5) Provide a brief overview and the goals of the conference

6) What is the amount requested from ISRB? Highlight specific details regarding plans for an ISRB sponsored speaker or session.

7) Briefly describe how your conference will incorporate regeneration research.

8) Provide the preliminary program (invited speakers, session titles, etc) (Item 8 does not count toward the one-page limit)

9) Provide the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the speaker(s) that will be sponsored. Their information will be included on the ISRB website if the grant is funded.

Previous ISRB Speaker Award Recipients


Dr. Celina Juliano North American Planarian Meeting, Portland Oregon, June 24th 

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