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The International Society for Regenerative Biology

Promoting the Science of Tissue Regeneration

About Regeneration

Regeneration is the renewal of cells, tissues, or body party to accommodate day-to-day replacement, or as an emergency response to unexpected trauma.


ISRB serves the regenerative biology community. Your membership fees and donations directly fund efforts to promote and support regenerative biology through gatherings, programs and advocacy. The ISRB is run by volunteers and is a registered charity.

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Our Mission

To provide an inclusive and integrated community for scientist that study all aspects of regeneration in animals and plants, to advance awareness, discoveries, and applications of regenerative biology, to support and enhance key existing conferences and establish new meetings, and to enable a broader participation in regenerative biology research.

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Our next deadline for Conference Grant Applications is June 15th.

Our next in person conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, August 11-14 2025. Please stay tuned for more information.

2024 ISRB Awards Nominations Announced! 

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