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The International Society for Regenerative Biology

Promoting the Science of Tissue Regeneration

ISRB Regeneration Around the World 2022


To kick-off this year’s membership drive we have arranged for a fabulous online event:

24 hours of nonstop regenerative biology talks spanning the globe!

The meeting will be held on Zoom over April 19th and 20th 2022. We will start the meeting on the east coast of the USA, then follow the sun west to California -> Australia -> Japan -> China -> India -> Israel -> Europe -> then back to the USA to close the meeting. For more information on the timings of talks for different time zones, please download this schedule:

***Final Schedule***

The event will be FREE to all new members and those that have renewed their subscription for 2022/23. Please do this soon and you will receive the Zoom login details in your confirmation email. So please start/renew your membership now:


If you don't want to be a member of the ISRB, you may still attend the event by registering here:

Registration for ISRB events

A special thanks to our sponsors for this event:

Developmental Dynamics Sponsored talks

Alberto Bertozzi, Universitaet Ulm, Ulm

Jingyeng ChenSouthwest University, China

Sarah Walker, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

Hannah Walters, Center for Regenerative Therapies, Dresden

Sebastian Willenborg, Universitaet Koeln, Cologne

Melanie Worley, University of California, Berkeley

Lixia Zheng, Peking University, China

Here is the start time for selected cities on Tuesday 19th April 2022. The meeting will run for approximately 25 hours.

Boston 09:00

San Francisco 06:00

Melbourne 23:00 

Tokyo 22:00 

Beijing 21:00 

New Delhi 18:30

Tel Aviv 16:00

Berlin 15:00

London 14:00

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